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Ketosis/Ketoacidosis Reaction Mechanism?

  1. Nov 28, 2011 #1
    I'm in a first year organic chemistry class with a biochem focus and I am going to do a project on ketoacidosis. While I can find the pathway online, since this is an organic chemistry class, I figure that a reaction mechanism that illustrates electron movement (arrows and such) would be preferred.

    Do you know of any organic chemistry textbooks that have the reaction mechanism? A websource would be fine also, but I would prefer a textbook to cite.

    Textbooks I have looked through which don't have the full mechanism with electron movement:
    McMurry's The Organic Chemistry of Biological Pathways and Stryer's Biochemistry.

    Also, general question on ketoacidosis....I know it can be caused by diabetes, alcoholism, starvation, and no carb diets, but is it the same mechanism. Also what is the difference between Ketosis and Ketoacidosis? From what I gather from what I read, Ketoacidosis is a more sever type of ketosis as the acidity from the keto-acids decreases the pH of the blood, while Ketosis merely means a to have a high level of ketones
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