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Kevlar prices

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    I want to buy kevlar in sheet form, it needs to be at least 5.5 feet wide, and less than 50 feet in length. Anyone know where to get kevlar and how expensive it is?

    Thank you very much for your future expert or not so replies. :rofl:

    Oh my god, I just broke out in laughter when I thought about putting the rofl smilie there, so I put it there. :surprised: lol, that one too.
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    www.fibreglast.com is a very reputable supplier and the one that I use..
    Kevlar is NOT inexpensive.
    The widest fabric that Fibreglast shows is 50 inch. 5 oz cloth-.010 thickness
    is about 33 dollars @ yd if you buy 17 yds.
    good luck
    they are rather good smilies, aren't they?
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    Do you ever notice how some things that are incredibly hard to find end up being terribly cheap when you finally find a place that sells them? There probably isn't a single retail store in my city (Denver) where I could buy a sheet of Kelvar, yet, as you note, the stuff isn't that expensive.
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    Terribly cheap!?! You are looking at over $1000.00 for what you need. Compare that to E or S glass and you'll see that it is by no means "terribly cheap".

    Bill said "Kevlar is NOT inexpensive" thus he said it was not cheap which is true.

    Is there a real reason to use Aramid? Kevlar is not that strong or light compared to other advanced materials in its price range.
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    Yeah, mine costs $149 :surprised . Kevlar sheets are expensive.
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    Fibreglast is good, but US Composites is typically much cheaper in small quantities and would be $22/yd in 60" width for 5oz:


    I think some of us have a different view of expensive and cheap. :smile: You will also note that this is just the fabric, if you need a actual sheet you will need to add a resin and have a place to lay it up. The 635 epoxy resin from US Composities works well and it cheaper than West or System3 and will not have the air shipping restrictions like a polyester resin (like their 440) in larger quantities. But you will need a company willing to export as well, and without knowing your application....
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    Some people refer to http://www.pacificbulletproof.com/products/bullet-resistant-fiberglass/" [Broken], you'd mean fiberglass, but I guess you could be talkin' about what you guys are talking about.

    Kevlar can get pretty expensive Mk, but some types of protection warrant the cost.

    Good luck with your search Mk if you haven't found any already...I hope you have since this thread was back in 2005 (just noticed...oh well).
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    Just to clarify, Kevlar most certainly isn't fibreglass, it's an aramid fibre.
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    www.mcmaster.com sells a Kevlar/Nomex/Fiberglass Blend @ $3.50 per sq. ft. for 55 mil thick sheet. That's not too shabby a price.
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    Thanks a lot, that's definitely a good price.
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