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KEY to MS Word CD

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    When I formatted my C drive and reinstalled windows XP my MS Word was, of course, wiped out too. But it turns out that I can't find the KEY for me to reinstall it. Is there a way to find this from perhaps some of the documents that I wrote with it? Is there anything I can do? I sure can't afford a new copy.

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    One of the 2 ways I can suggest is to contact Microsoft, and ask what should you do in this case...
    The second way is to try the KEYs from some of your friends' copies. I think it may help as one disc can have several acceptable keys, not just one.
    Don't know if any of these ways is usable... But let's try it! :)
    Viet Dao,
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    I'm going to lock this thread, but all I'll say is google is your friend.
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