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Keyboard ac adapter problem

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    My GEM PK5(keyboard) ac adapter broke down. I used an alternative ac adapter on 12 volts but the whole keyboard shuts off and then on everytime I play on the keyboard when the volume is high enough. The original keyboard is big in size and the alternative ac adapter i used is small Im not sure if that means that the original ac adapter capacity is higher and that's of the type of adapter I need to buy.
    My question is what kind of ac adapter I need to buy based on the information of the old ac adapter?I mean what kind of information I need to look for when I shop for my new ac adapter?
    I will appreciate it if you know any links to buy the right ac adapter..
    This is the information about the original keyboard ac adapter:
    ac adapter-970315-
    model:santai sa66-90
    input:230v 50Hz

    Thank you very much
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    Welcome to the PF. What is the output current capability of the new adapter that you bought? It looks like your old one could supply up to 2.2A at 12V (ac or dc output?).
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