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Keyboard lock

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    On occasion my keyboard locks up. IBM thinkpad, Windows 7. It occurs when I am typing a message in a forum like now. Fortunately my mouse still works, so I can save the (incomplete) message and then restart the computer, freeing the keyboard. Any ideas why it is happening and is there a simpler way to free the keyboard?
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    Have you tried unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in right away? My mouse locks up at startup sometimes because I have it plugged into a docking station. It always works as soon as I do that.
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    You should be able to use the mouse to navigate to the device controller and see if something is wonky with the keyboard driver. I think this is unlikely but it's worth a shot.
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    Could it be that the ctrl or alt keys have got stuck?
    It happens with well used keyboards, fluff and dirt in there (including dead skin cells).
    WD40 spray does a quick fix, but taking keys off and removing properly the gunk is best.
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    NO, please don't use WD40! It destroys some plastics by stripping out the plasticizers, leaving behind solids similiar to cookie crumbs lightly stuck together.

    (Had a customer several years ago who tried that. The keyboard crumbled upon disassembly. The local community college where he taught had to replace the keyboard. [Another learning experience for him.])
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    is it a cabled ( USB / other) keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard ?
    if a BT keyboard ... possibly flat battery
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