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Keys for j and k are 1 and 2

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    Hi, all. I have bought a tablet keyboard. But its keys for j and k are 1 and 2. how can I correct that keys? Have nice day.
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    I have tried it with my window 8 laptop. Should I try it with a tablet-pc? I have not buy it but I am making preparations so I bought that Tablet cover with keyboard.

    And I have tried it a few minutes ago. This time everything has seemed ok. I do not know the reason why it behaved so at that time. Digital devices and machines are just like humans sometimes they Show strange behaviors.

    Best Regards.
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    On tablet keyboards, generally, the number pad is not present. The idea being to save space. Often, the number pad is placed on the regular keyboard and users can swap between letters and numbers by toggling the numlock.

    take a look at this image
    j=1, k=2, etc.

    I strongly suspect, your number lock key was toggled on and thus the letters behaved as a number pad. The next time you tried, the numlock was off, and your keyboard worked as you expected it to work.

    Test it out, check to see if you can turn on the numlock and see how it behaves.
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