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Kg/m2h to m/s

  1. Oct 14, 2008 #1
    Is there a wat to transform kg/m2h to m/s

    I'm not sure if kg/m2h is for Evaporation coefficient, Water flux,Drying rate or Mass transfer coefficient. However one of the can be transform to m/s (maybe Impingement velocity)
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    I don't see how you would do that. You are talking about base units in the SI system (except for hours which is easily replaced by seconds). There's no direct conversion.
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    kg/m2h is a mass flux of a substance through an area
    m/s is the linear velocity of that substance

    Therefore, step 1 is to convert the mass flow to volumetric flow (divide by density).
    then you'll need to realize that:
    m3/m2h = 1 m/h
    so, the volume passing through an area per time equals linear velocity.

    Then divide by 3600 to get the /h in stead of /s. (3600 seconds in 1 hour).
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    That's a calculation, not a conversion/transformation. I guess I shouldn't take the posts so literally.
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    Hehe... you probably shouldn't. On internet you can never be sure you're talking to a native English speaker (who can be expected to choose exactly the right words) or someone (like me) who is merely likely to choose the right words :D
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