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Kick of a robot

  1. Jun 25, 2008 #1
    hello ,
    first of all , let me describe my problem...
    i want to design a robot that will kick a foot-ball .
    the "leg" is a rod (that looks like a hammer) and it has a torque spring.
    my question is - what are the equations and assumprions that need to be taken in order to calculate what kind of spring i need .
    i think there's angular momentum preservation , energy preservation but i'm not sure if there's something else ..

    can anyone help please ?

    thanks ,

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    I've gone through that before , what I can say is that you have to keep the spring coefficient in mind, the relation between the force exerted and angular displacement won't be linear.

    Also kicking the ball will require interaction between the rod and the ground , if you want a precise shot , use a linear motor to pull back the spring .

    Something else, keeping balance is important as the whole structure will recoil by reaction.
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