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Homework Help: Kick tush magnetic field/Ampere Problem

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    Two long, parallel wires hang by 4.00-cm-long cords from a common axis. The wires have a mass per unit length of 1.50×10-2 kg/m and carry the same current in opposite directions.

    What is the current in each wire if the cords hang at an angle of 6-degrees with the vertical?

    Basically,,,,,I have no idea how to approach or solve this proble. All I know is the curremt should be positive becuase the currents in the wires are opposite each other.

    aghhh help me please
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    The only way I can make sense of this is to assume that the 6 degree angle of the cords is because of a force between the two wires.

    So: 1. Find the horizontal force on each wire necessary to "lift" the wire to that 6 degree position.
    2. Find the distance between the two wires.
    3. Find the current necessary to produce that force at that distance.
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