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Kid Clairvoyance

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    Do you think it is a possibility? Some think children see/hear thing that adults cannot. That they are more "in tune" with the surroundings. That they can see dead people.

    2 stories. First. When my grandmother passed, we were staying at her house with my oldest son, then 1 year old. We had set up his travel crib in what was my grandmothers room. For the days preceding the funeral my son would wake up crying multiple times during the night, we just couldn't get him to sleep through the night (which he had been doing for quite some time). We struggled for 2 nights trying to get him to have a good nights sleep. So the night of the funeral, after everyone had said goodbye to grandma, not a peep out of the kid. We thought it was kindof odd (although could have been only a coincidence) that until grandma was "put to rest" my son could not sleep in her room.

    Second, Yesterday my parents were visiting the graves of relatives. They had my youngest son with them (3 years old) because I was coaching my oldest's t-ball team. They visited 3 cemetaries total. The first 2 went off without a hitch, my son had a problem with the third. He said he didn't like the place. My parents asked why. "I don't like the singing" Who is singing? "the 2 girls" The kicker of the story is that there were 2 fresh graves near the grave they were visiting. My dad noticed the closest one was of a relatively young girl. They didn't check the other. Even hours after the fact, my son didn't change his story. Which usually means (especially with a 3yo) that he is telling the truth.

    Any thoughts?
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    The wonders of coincidence.......
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