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Killer Dolphins Unleashed

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    What a combo! Delicious and deadly.
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    Now what's to stop them from taking over the world! I've been warning this would happen for years. :mad:
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    Tom Mattson

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    This was predicted on the Simpson's in Treehouse of Horror XI, but alas we were too foolhardy as a species to listen.
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    I would be very surprised if dolphins that have undergone that much training aren't tagged with radio transmitters to locate them. The article seems to be guessing at all the supposed facts though...the writer doesn't really know if they've been lost, and hasn't given any reason to believe if they did escape that they would be armed. It really wouldn't make a lot of sense to keep them armed at all times, especially if they're still being trained.
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    A grain of salt seems to be indicated in this case...

    But then again, as Terry Pratchett said, never trust a species that grins al the time... :uhh:
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    They just decided to say so long and thanks for all the fish.... that's all.
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    That article is either terribly researched or a joke. Why on earth would they arm the dolphins if a hurricane were coming? They simply can't carry big enough darts to take down a full grown storm.
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    maybe they wanted to stop the looters with them
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