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News Killing children is no longer a big deal

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    If you are part of the human race, you should read this link.
    Is this all normal and acceptable business? If yes, is this justified in your moral, religious and ethical framework?

    http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/489479.html [Broken]
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    The bias there is clear. If we are to make an informed judgement here, should we consider the fact that a substantial number of "children" have comitted acts of terrorism? Should we also consider the fact that adult terrorists regularly hide amongst civilian children?
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    It is not the role of the military to uphold morals. Their job by definetion is to kill at all cost not matter what the penalties.

    I would rather have it stay that way.

    It is for that reason that you DONT use the military for just any reason.

    The military is for EXTREME use when you feel your security under threat.

    The horror of what is going on is NOT in the hands of the military. It is their duty to be ruthless and pity no one, innocent childern included.

    The horror are the Zionest, Jewish conservatives, and politicains who INSIST that the only solution is a military one.

    Which of course is patently wrong, foolish, and irresponsible. And has been so since day one, and for over 60 years.


    The horror is also in the hands of the common isreali with any rational capacity to understand this and does nothing.
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    Yeah, let's round up all those evil 3 year olds and put 'em in Gitmo!
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