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Kilo of Pork, Potatoes

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    Is there a limit on the measure of a Kilo of Pork, or anything for that matter?

    How accurate can I measure a Kilo of something, can I measure this to a finite limit?

    Just how much is a kilo ..can I get it to within a factor say of the Quantum Approximation of a large number of Atoms?
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    Is the Gravitational Constant, a variable for Macro objects due to the increase in Mass, offset by a precise value for Micro objects, due to the dimensional decrease in Quantum Mechanics, or by fact of the inability to restrain measure of Mass to a fixed 3-D Volume?
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    A kitchen set of scales is ok to measure a kilo of Pork, if I add small amounts to the Pork on the scales, it's needle may not register any change with the first small amount. What if I wanted to reduce the Porks measure?..if I deduct a little Pork at a time, the scales again may not register the first small removed Pork.

    Ok how do I weigh a Planet full of Pork?..what measure devise is appropiate, and will the measure devise's size have a baring on the resultant measure?

    If I wanted to use an ordinary kitchen scales to measure the 'Planet of Pork', would I just have to turn the kitchen scales over and place it one the ground? :biggrin:
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    :rofl: Sorry, but whenever I see the first replies to a thread belongs to the thread starter, I think s/he is talking to himself!
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    So help him out and he won't have to resort to talking to himself! :)
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