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News Kilroy vs. Abu Hamza

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    jimmy p

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    Where is the justice?? Recently we had a big thing in the newspapers where Robert Kilroy-Silk, a talk show host and newspaper columnist said that he thought all arabs were terrorists or something along that line. Anyway his show has been axed now.

    We have some muslim extremist cleric who doesnt work, and is a terrorist, who is allowed to preach in the streets about the 'hated' westerners and how Allah wants all muslims to rise up. He has police minders to protect him. He is a terrorist who gets £1 million of our tax payers money a year. Why isnt HE thrown out the country?

    People are so reluctant to do anything about muslims, but are so PC when it comes to a westerner saying anything. I hate politics and political correctness. damn them both to hell.
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    Is it cos he is white?
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