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Kim Jong Il Ill?

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    sorry, just wanted to be the first to type that headline.
    Is there a leader of any country in the world so loved by his people?
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    Oh no, our beloved leader is sick?

    I hear he personally had sex with every woman in korea. So he is literally the father of our country. We are all brothers and systers!

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    Did not know you were North Korean, Cyrus, but that explains soooooooooo much.

    Anyway, given the secrecy, it is possible that he's already dead and we don't know it. Hopefully, his death will improve things there, but I won't be holding my breath. Cuba still has a long way to go.
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    Good riddance.
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    I didn't know that. He is/was an amazing man though. Did you know he only played golf one time in his life and got Eighteen holes in one.
    Edit: that's eighteen times he got a hole in one. not eighteen holes, in one stroke. Although he could have if he'd wanted to.
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    He also has a pillow made from the down of 10k birds.
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    What kind of birds? The down of 10K hummingbirds could probably fit in a throw pillow. Emus, on the other wing, could probably fill an Olympic size pool sized pillow.
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    This could actually be a problem. There is no line of succession in N Korea. One of his son's will probably step in. I did see on a newscast that one of the sons was disowned because he tried to make a trip to the Tokyo Disney land.
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    And these people have nukes:surprised
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