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Kind of electromagnetic waves

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    How many kinds of electromagnetic waves are there in the Universe? And what are they?
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    i don't know how many kinds there are in the universe but I've studied gamma rays, x rays, UV light, visible light, microwaves, radiowaves. I may be missing one from the spectrum and it is not in sequential order.
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    The difference between the different 'kinds' of EM waves is purely semantic. The spectrum is continuous.
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    redgoat try googleing electromagnetic spectrum..
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    To give you an idea of the kinds of electromagnetic radiation, check out this chart
    It has some good visual aids making it easier to grasp. The only part of the spectrum they didn't indicate is the low end (smaller frequencies, longer wavelengths)

    Here's another chart that includes the low end
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    If you've followed the previous responses, you'll now have the answer: one!

    Reminds me of the old riddle: how many grooves are on a vinyl record: two, one on each side.
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