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Kind of hard to explain theory of a lot of everything

  1. Nov 4, 2003 #1
    i cant explain everything, if i could i would...
    but ill explain what i have concluded through hours of boredom and wishing my classes at school were harder...

    according to the 10 dimensional theory... there was a 10 dimensional galaxy... and it split... that doesnt quite make sense... because wouldnt it split into a 5 and 5?


    so according to that, i have an explination of why the universe is endless...

    you only need a starting point to find something on a 3 dimensional graph... when you learned 2d graphs in school you never needed to draw the outside lines did you? but you could still locate things...

    the starting point we could use might be the point at which the universe began to expand... but did it really begin to expand if it is endless?

    maybe qhen the "big bang" happened, our universe, as we think of it, was already here, but when our universe began to expand, actual matter was created from a central point...

    that matter could have started breaking apart somehow (i dont know how) and become the things we know now.. the elements we know... all of those things.

    so think of a 3d graph... and from the center, a giant sphere epanding endlessly...

    i know im probably wrong, but its just an idea...

    also... time... time has me at a standstill with when it started... also where the matter appeared in our universe(you mgiht say i just explained it, but then if im wrong... which i probably am, especially sicne i was just thinking that up on the fly...)

    i cant explain when time began, or when it will end... i think these things are beyond human comprehension except to say that we just wont be able to grasp it completely...

    time is in fact something only created by humans... time isnt any real element like we treat it as... time is simply a measure between 2 dates...

    so time is in fact not what the conventional definiton of time would be...

    time didnt begin, it wont end... time doesnt exist, but it is something we humans have assigned to dates, locations, and events to relate them to other times...
    just like the universe doesnt begin or end... there is no center because there are no ends to find the center by... just like time, no begening, no end, no center

    now you may say time will end... but only for humans... if the humans die out, there will be no more "time"... but then again, there isnt really time to begin with... (sorry if im loosing you, just ask for me to explain it better and i will, it makes total sense to me)

    so by this i think time travel is impossible, because time does not exist

    but the one thing i can not figure out, where did matter come from? how could it have just been here?

    the big bang wasnt actually the creation of the universe becuase as i said, the universe is endless... no begening or end... no center or edges.

    i will have to think about it a little more... i just had a breakthrough with myself... i never understood time exactly before...

    matter... if the universe is endless, did it also begin empty? with no matter? if so, where did it come from, if not.... again.. where did it come from?

    matter came from somewhere, and without it there is nothing... so i think if we really want to understand the "theory of everything" we will need to know this vital point...

    but i had an idea, what if we were able to project a straight line from earth to the point at which light first appeared (if there are no obstacles in the way, wouldnt these things be visible?)

    and that just gave me another thought... if you are sending a camera that is recording faster than light, what would you see? the light is on the other side of where the camera is looking if it is looking where it came from (and you want to see from that location)

    would the light be pushed by the moving camera traveling faster than light, or would the light move through it?

    thats another thing... what is light? what is electricity?

    i think gravity and magnetism have something to do with eachother...

    and radiation i am still a little iffy on...
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  3. Nov 5, 2003 #2
    Well, to shed some light on some of your questions:
    1) I have never heard of the 10 dimensional theory. I have heard of String Theory, which predicts 10 dimensions.

    2) Time is real, if there is to be space, and we do know there is space. They are dirctly related , or time varies directly as space, known as spacetime. Which, according to SR, makes time travel possible (not probable for humans, because we would have to be at near speed of light for any traces of traveling) but time travel is a very bad term. Because you don't jump or leap anywhere , it should be called time relativity.

    2)light is energy in the form of a photon, I would say more, but I have to go, sorry.
    Paden Roder
  4. Nov 5, 2003 #3
    right, i understand all that... light is a form of radiation... all that good stuff... but this other diemnsions stuff... i cant believe that, it doesnt make sense...
    nature is far more simple than people want to believe...
    there is nothing complex in it when you get down to the basics, its all the combinations of simple things that we percieve as complex
  5. Nov 27, 2003 #4
    i think youll like my theory better

    1)time does not exist as a universal constant in ralation to space the only relation to space it has is that we measure it by the cellestial bodies movements there is no spacetime constant but a timespace constant in that time exists with spaces help with out space there would be no time whereas without humans there would be because the planets and other cellestial bodies will still be moving but time will not be measured so in theory it would not exist but as long as everything in space is moving there is a constant rate of motion measured by humans as time.

    2)light is not energy in the form of phtons unless it is in laser form. In fact light travels as sound and photons at once causing a visual manifestation of the energy but when in laser form it does not spread therefore it travels only as photons and in that case you are right PRod

    3)Just to clear this up that string theory is also knownas the revised dark matter theory in that the universe has more mass than space so we have super dense stars and blackholes witch dont quite account for all the universes mass so it is thought that there are super dense strings through space also known as wormholes that account for the rest of this mass and do not impose 10 dimensions but six.

    4)i have no clue about that 10 dimensional split in the big bang theory but i can say that according to quantum physics every time a choice is to be made (such as blue or red socks today?) it causes as many universes to start as there are possibilities and these universes all have something different that happens meaning there are endless numbers of universes and dimensions like a quantum cube wich has 5 dimensions and if ever made would endlessly multiply itself until an eventual collapse and reanimation.
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    Sniper, your post has a bunch of misconceptions. I'll just comment on these two:

    2)light is not energy in the form of phtons unless it is in laser form. In fact light travels as sound and photons at once causing a visual manifestation of the energy but when in laser form it does not spread therefore it travels only as photons and in that case you are right PRod

    Light of all kinds and frequencies carries energy. Light and sound do not travel together as you can tell from watching a workman pounding from a hundred or so yards away. You see the hammer fall, but you don't hear the blow until moments later. The light travels faste and got to your eye before the slower sound could get to your ear.

    3)Just to clear this up that string theory is also knownas the revised dark matter theory in that the universe has more mass than space so we have super dense stars and blackholes witch dont quite account for all the universes mass so it is thought that there are super dense strings through space also known as wormholes that account for the rest of this mass and do not impose 10 dimensions but six.

    String theory is not a theory of dark matter, or dark energy. Don't get them confused, dark matter is unseen matter that lies around galaxies and produces normal gravtational effects that we can see. Dark energy is thought to be uniform throughout space and causes the anti-gravitational effect of accelerated expansion of the universe. We are starting to learn a little about dark matter, but nobody has a solid theory of dark energy. The universe has far more "space than mass" which is why galaxies and stars have so much space between them. And that space is expanding.
  7. Nov 28, 2003 #6
    the reason there is so much space between the objects is that the largest amounts of mass in the universe is compressed into black holes so it is there but takes up almost no space if it was all released we would be colliding with something every approx. 0.000134 sec. (this is not my math it was released by nasa about a year ago) and the reason light is faster than sound is the fact that the photons always release energy accelerating the sound to the point of visualization.

    oh and the dark matter theory you just explained is also the string theory LOOK THEM BOTH UP AGAIN AND COUNT THE SIMILARITIES it might surprise you.
  8. Nov 29, 2003 #7
    if you want to understand the breakdown of the 10th dimensional universe into a 4 dimensional one- you have to understand the 4 types of energy involved in the universe. when the breakdown occured(big bang), these forces were split from one energy source into 4(hence breakdown of dimensions).. hence, time began.

    these 4 forces: strong nuclear forces (radiation)
    weak nuclear forces (radiation)
    gravitation (spacetime)
    electromagnetic forces (light)

    to make it simple, i think of all of these forces combined together into one energy as the 10th dimension. when broken down, instantly these forces split and are continuing to become less and less alike(weaker). now, why did this breakdown occur- that is the question that boggles my mind...
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    I want some proof there is "time." Time was created by humans to help organize themselves and society.
  10. Dec 26, 2003 #9
    A little off topic...but when I was working with a lighting/electrical engineer I asked him "what did you do before becoming an engineer Anatoly?"
    KGB sniper he snorted....
    "was that kinda of a stretch?"
    naaaahhh....came easy

    so you never know who you are working with...where is ur btw..
  11. Jan 12, 2004 #10
    This is my opinion.

    With that said, I will try to prove that time does exist and that just like everything we know, was created by humans. Everything that we say, do, think, and learn naturally has all been affected by the account of human history. For example, the word “gravity” was invented by humans to explain the incredible force behind the movements of the universe. So yes, the word “time” was invented by us humans to explain (basically) the cycle of life. But that does not mean time does not exist. I think that time is real and that it is a property of the universe, just as gravity and radiation are. It is measured by the effect gravity has on the planets, and that in turn measures the history of our existence (and our lives). I do believe that time had a beginning (most likely the big bang) and I also believe (like life itself) it will come to an end. When it will do so no one knows, by the way.

    Maybe this will be a little more clear: Time as we know it is measured by the movements of celestial bodies. Time here on earth is measured by how many times the earth revolves around it axis. The “time” it takes for the earth to spin completely around (on its axis) is 1 day (24 hours, 1440 min, 86,400 sec). And the time in which the earth revolves around the sun is (roughly) 365.4 days (1 year). So this is all old news, but to put it into perspective… the average life span of a human being is around say 70 years. During that time, the earth revolved around the sun 70 times and the earth revolved around its axis about 25,578 times. And what if earth and the sun, and all the planets and stars stopped moving? Well there would be no time because there would be nothingness; everything would collide in on one another. Conclusion, time is a product of gravity. If there were no gravity, there would be no time, and visa versa.

    Sorry if that is a little bit scrambled, I am not good at explaining myself.

    - Johnny

    PS. please comment on this.
  12. Mar 29, 2004 #11
    If there wasn't time... everything would happen at once.

    If there wasn't space... everything would happen in one place.

    But when... and where?
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2004
  13. Mar 31, 2004 #12
    time is memory of what just happened.. spaceballs "what part of the movie is this" "now" "when now" "right now" "when did it happen" "you just missed it"
    time is how we measure distance, time is a term not a thing, time has no substance or radiation, it has no mass or energy. it is becouse distance exists.
  14. Apr 3, 2004 #13
    Time is no less real than the three dimensions of space... which are no less real than matter... which is no less real than energy... which adds up to no more than zero.

    Welcome to the relative universe... one card short of a full deck.
  15. Apr 4, 2004 #14
    LOL, always entertaining i have an aunt named "unis" does that count?

    it all boils down to perception doesen't it? (i say as i dive into the deep end of a pool and i cant even swim)
  16. Apr 4, 2004 #15
    btw, if anyone would like to trade thought in real time my AOL SN is boninjessej (AIM to be exact)
  17. May 13, 2004 #16


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    Who says it isn’t? We are perceptions of something and to us a relation of moment to moment is time (energy is also related as almost identical to thermal dynamics is to time and space is the distance or temp. surrounding the body. or at least thats one way to look at it), and still all of this is a compression of 1. Which is to say we are small insignificant and unable to see the 'everything' happening at once and in one place, way to many instances to comprehend.
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