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Kind of people a math physics person should date

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    what kind of people should a math and physics date? Should we just date anyone we can get our hands on? I guess I just want the person to be able to hold an interesting conversation. Is there any type of people we should avoid? im pretty open minded.
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    mathematicians and physicist aren't different from other human beings.
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    He wants to hold an interesting conversation with that person. Not everyone can do that,provided that "interesting" here means something else.
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    George Jones

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    My wife has a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in physics, a Master's in materials science engineering, and a B.Ed.

    We talk much more about news and politics than we do about science and technology. We both like to read murder-mystery novels and watch murder-mystery movies; again, no connection to our common background.

    We do talk regularly about education and changes in education, from primary school through grad school, which is somewhat related to our common background.
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    I am so very sorry, but I laughed so hard I was in tears when I saw the title of this topic :D I think you should date someone you want to date - which means getting to know them and yade yade, it's a lot of field work, I know.
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    jim hardy

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    I guess that's one criterion !

    We should look for people who show honesty and good judgement. We should avoid people who don't. What they do for a living should be irrelevant.
    :uhh: .... naaahhhh ....
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    I know what you mean, most of my friends are math or physics majors, they are flesh and blood like everyone else, they have interests beyond math and physics and they all come from different backgrounds. But they are very passionate people.
    I just like being around analytical people they can analyze things and come to interesting conclusions, although ive been around some art people and they have an interesting way of looking at things, I was just wondering what you guys think, I guess I would just like to be with someone who is curious about things. And I like posting stuff on the forums because the people on here have interesting and important things to say,

    @lendav_rott: I knew the title was somewhat comical when I created it, but maybe there are certain people math and physics people should avoid or maybe its the same for everyone, just wanted to get some ideas.
    @ jim hardy: so what they do for a living is irrelevant , i agree, wasnt quite sure why you said naaah after it, it seemed like you were negating your statement.

    what if someone was mentally unstable, like bi-polar or schizophrenic, I would date them if they were interesting to talk to and if I had a strong connection with them.
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    It is unacceptable to date anyone outside of the hard sciences for a mathematician or physicist. Economists are about as far as you can push it. Also, you should refocus your goals away from conversations and to gaining optimal genetic quality for your offspring.

    //hehe just joking (yes I know I sux). Why would you ask strangers what kind of people you should date? You're the only one who can decide that. I think if you want somebody to talk to, just talk to allot of people and find somebody you like. Then make a move.
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    I like intelligent, petite women who know how to foxtrot and rumba. You're not interviewing them for a tutoring job.
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    i know your not interviewing them for a tutoring job, but as nikitin kinda joked about, you want optimal genetics for your offspring. imagine if you could breed the most clever creative physicists and mathematicians in the world together, imagine what you could create. imagine doing that for many generations. ok that might be overboard
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    Or eugenics.
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    I beg to differ
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    Could you expand on this statement?
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    Not really
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    I think I can see the concern of the OP. The average college-goer or non-college-educated working person might not put as much thought or value into the aspirations of someone in a very demanding career path like STEM (both as a student and beyond) and is unlikely to be supportive of all the time and sacrifices that are required, unless you're some kind of genius with excellent time management skills such that this is never a problem. It is probably why you never see many STEM people in relationships with non-STEM, or average weekend sports warriors with professional Olympic athletes. Some people just can't handle/won't put up with a partner with time demands like those.

    IME, I've never met a non-physicist/mathematician that didn't think I was a little insane for going into physics, it's the unfaltering conversation-killer, while physicists/mathematicians and a very good fraction of engineers, chemists and CS I've known are fairly accepting/understanding.
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  17. May 24, 2014 #16

    jim hardy

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    "Naaahhh " - i meant that we're flesh and blood so logic doesn't enter the romantic equation .
    A pretty smile and a toss of the hair will do most guys in.

    old jim
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    ya this is a good way to put it.
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    Larry Gopnik

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    If Dirac could find a wife then I'm sure that there is hope for all physics and mathematicians out there!

    But yes, I personally find it hard to find friends, let alone a partner -

    One piece of advise - don't start dating people that are obsessed with that obscene show "The Big Bang Theory". Been there, done that. Oy Vey. Never again.

    Just go for someone who truly understands you. There will be someone.

    I thought I had found someone, truly I did. He was also studying Physics and Maths alongside me and we got on so well together and had a lot in common. I really wanted a relationship with him, but he didnt know. (Well, someone ended up telling him after but that's another story). One day I thought he was going to ask me out when we were in town together when he turns around and goes "I'm going to ask out ****". She was a beautiful girl who had nothing in common with him, and was going to study Physiology at Uni. :uhh:. Long story short, at school they would sit and hold hands in silence, having nothing to say. Oh, if only he went out with the less attractive Physics student instead...

    So there's a lesson to all of you men, it might just sound like a rant, but I'm sure there is some sort of message in it
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    nerds need other nerds, I know what its like to be around only bubble heads and let me tell you it feels somewhat like taking a bath in fecees lol. hopefully you can find a nerd who is somewhat attractive. I don't consider the comic book/ video game crowd nerds, just people with too much time on their hands. find someone who compliments you.
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    What I'm about to say on this may offend a lot of people here, but frankly so many of the posts on this thread and similar threads in the Relationship thread just comes across to me as being incredibly pathetic. And nothing is more unattractive in an individual of whatever background than someone who is pathetic!

    In my opinion, the best way to date people is not that different from the best way to make friends -- go out and talk to and meet a variety of different people, and then select those who are the most interesting to you (of course filtering out those who are clearly crazy or cultists or religious nuts, etc.). It's a numbers game -- ultimately, the probability is good that you will meet someone who is compatible, although it may take some time before you do.

    The best alternative is to network through your friends/co-workers/acquaintances and have them introduce you to people.

    Of course, all of this is predicated on whether you need to be attached. I have always felt that it is important to never feel like you need to be in a relationship. I see and hear of so many people who are afraid of being alone, which I frankly don't understand -- there is no shame in being alone! Being alone is far, far better than being in a bad relationship!
  22. Jun 1, 2014 #21

    Larry Gopnik

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    I would like to know how exactly we sound pathetic, as I personally do not see it. I see people who genuinely do not know what they should be looking for and people, who all all on a forum and hence share a big interest, giving them advice. Have you not ever asked a friend in real life the same sort of question? I know I have.
  23. Jun 2, 2014 #22
    So, the above post should serve as a catalyst for people to "act right" in order to appeal to you specifically? Look, this, too, will definitely offend someone and in particular, I hope, it offends you, but uh... shouldn't play school be over by now? :eek:

    Sorry mate, not everybody wants to appeal to everybody.
  24. Jun 2, 2014 #23


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    First of all, the very question asked in the title "What kind of people a math or physics person should date" seems to me to be a ridiculous and pathetic question. People studying math or physics can (and in fact do) date whoever they find attractive and compatible -- the people studying math or physics are very diverse, and many have diverse interests outside of math/physics/science, and so it shouldn't be all that surprising that they can find dates with those that share similar interests in non-science areas (or in science areas).

    Perhaps this is a reflection of my personality, but I don't think that we should be "looking" for a relationship, nor should we necessarily "know what we should be looking for". Relationships often should just flow from general friendships and connections we make.

    And no, I have never asked a friend in real life these sorts of questions, because I have never sought a relationship -- all of my relationships have essentially just "happened".
  25. Jun 2, 2014 #24


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    I think Statsguy has a point. The idea that there is a specific type of person that someone doing maths or physics should date is laughable at best. People are diverse individuals! Just because you happen to do maths or physics in no way means you are a similar person to any other mathematician or physicist. Thus the type of partner that would be desirable or good for someone would be just as varied.
  26. Jun 2, 2014 #25
    I think Statguy took home a very different idea of what this thread is about. Of course people in STEM are just as diverse as anyone else. The issue is that a good fraction of "anyone else" doesn't necessarily think people in STEM fields are normal, particularly not in physics and math in my experience. IME it's always an uphill battle of trying to appeal to people who start with the pre-conception that you are pathologically eccentric and/or an arrogant genius, or whatever other negative stereotype they have gathered from film and TV, or word-of-mouth ideas about a few celebrities.

    Thus the question in the title is a valid one, denoting it as pathetic doesn't help anyone's cause. It is a *should* instead of *can* question, which to me is clear. What kind of person *should* you date to increase your chances of a good yield? I'm no longer in school, but there was a whole lot of endogamy within the physics and math depts at my undergraduate institution, I never even heard of students (which weren't many) going out with people in other programs.
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