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Kind of Topics on graphs

  1. Dec 18, 2007 #1

    now i am doing final project 4 my graduate from university..

    and the title of my project is interactive teaching modul of graph Theory

    i've some quetions coz i dont really know about graph theory..

    could u help me??

    1. what kind of primary topics on graph theory which have to be shown on my interactive modul?? coz im so confused bout topics on graph theory,, there are so many more topics right??

    so what should i do?? what do you think? what are the important or primary topics which is explained??

    thanks 4 ur attention..
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    Why in the world would you choose to write an "interactive teaching module" on a topic you don't know? My experience has been that it is a really good idea to KNOW the subject you are teaching!
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    Ditto to HofI
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