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Kinda confused

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    I have the oppurtunity to go to a another school for free but will have to stay there an extra year or I can stay at my current school and graduate in 1 year but will have to pay $12000 not sure which one will be the best choice. What do you strangers think?
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    It really depends on your financial situation.

    EDIT: Plus, if you pay the 12grand and the year that you are out of college, you get a job and work a lot, then you will make more than 12grand and it will be worth it :approve:
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    That's true i can afford to pay the extra money my problem is that I will have the same professor for analytical mechanics, e&m, optics, and astrophysics. I had all this semester too. But i see your point with the money situation on how i can work that year and make more money. A girl is in my same situation and decided she rather just change majors that deal with the same professor
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    Moose has a good point, if you are woried about your financial situation, the opportunity cost of going to college another year, despite not having to pay for it, is greater than paying $12,000. If you really dislike that professor, or he does not teach well, then I would suggest transfering. It is hard to learn with professors with whom you are not fond.
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    It depends on your mindset, and financial situation. Is there any big draw for you toward the new school, other than money? It sounds like you are having instructor problems. Will you learn better and recieve better grades if you can get away from him, or is he just a pain in the butt?

    Although getting that last year for free sounds pretty good, you need to take into account the lost wages from not working, as moose pointed out.

    You also need to think about the degree you would be getting. Is one school more prestigious than the other? Or does it have some other sort of perk, such as being a hub for people of your desired profession (which would allow you to make important connections)?
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