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Homework Help: Kinematic in 2D Question

  1. Oct 20, 2011 #1
    A motorist drives south at 20.0m/s for 3.00 min, then turns west and travels at 25.0m/s for 2.00 min, and finally travels northwest at 3.00m/s for 1.00 min.

    For the 60 min trip, find the total displacement, the average speed and the average velocity.

    I'm embarrassed how I still don't understand how to do these questions.

    Thank you
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    I believe the best way to solve a problem like this is to do it yourself. But, i will tell you what you need to know. Since the velocity is a vector. This is a vector addition problem that requires the use of the kinematic equations to solve. The kinematic equation I would use is
    x=1/2at^2+vt Where x stands for displacement, a for acceleration, t for time, and v for velocity.
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