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Kinematic problem

  1. Aug 31, 2006 #1
    I am so confused right now. This is porbably a really easy question to answer but I'm just too stupid to understand it...

    So onto my question..a car drives 120km/h from point A to B (which is 150km).

    When does a second car need to leave from point C (which is in between point A and B and is 76km before B), at 80km/h in order to get to point B at the exact same time as the first car?

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    Oh my.. Dun have so little confident in urself man.. Perhaps, to easier ur understanding, You may want to draw out ur velocity-time for the two cars. You can then form 2 eqns. I wont write out the full solns.<<<read the guidelines, if u wan to know why?>>>

    You know that the area under the velocity-time graph is the distance travelled. By using the eqn of motion. Try figuring out the soln urself. If cha still got prob, can post out ur prob then we can further analyse it. Just at least show some working. hehe. Happy solvin./
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