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Kinematics and also an energy

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    1.A block is sent up a frictionless ramp along which an x axis extends upward. The figure below gives the kinetic energy of the block as a function of position x; the scale of the figure's vertical axis is set by Ks = 38.0 J. If the block's initial speed is 4.70 m/s, what is the normal force on the block?

    2. A startled armadillo leaps upward rising 0.553 m in the first 0.197 s.
    (a) What is its initial speed as it leaves the ground?
    Correct: Your answer is correct. m/s

    (b) What is its speed at the height of 0.553 m?
    Correct: Your answer is correct. m/s

    (c) How much higher does it go?

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    For the first question

    152 J = .5m(4.70 m/s)^2
    m=13.8 kg

    Height of the ramp
    152 J=13.8kg*9.8m/s^2*h
    h=1.13 m
    Solve for the angle of the ramp
    sin-1(1.13m/2m) = 34 deg
    N=13.8*9.8cos34=111 N. But this is wrong.

    2nd question...
    solved pt a and b, got 3.77 m/s for v0, 1.84 m/s vf

    v0 is 0 m/s at the top of the height, so
    0=3.77m/s ^2 +2*9.8m/s^2d
    solve for d, get .725
    difference is .17 m. But this is wrong.

    Thank you so much! Final monday and I have a C-:/
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    Where did you get 152 Joules from? You said the energy was 38J [which only one quarter of 152]
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    Oops! Sorry, forgot to include this image

    It's a scale of 38 J so, at the top (0m) E=38J(4)=152 J
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    Where did you get the idea it is a scale 38J?

    The problem states that Ks = 38J. That is not some sort of scale. They have not said 38J per division.

    Also this problem was the subject of another post earlier?????
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    Wow, apparently I can't read.

    And yes, I found that post but I think my setup is different then theirs but still correct.

    I know get a value of 27.9523 N for the normal force.
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