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Homework Help: Kinematics/Dynamics problem

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    A 92.7 kg basketball player can leap straight up in the air to a height of 85.8 cm. The player bends his legs until the upper part of his body is dropped by 64.0cm, then he begins his jump. With what speed must the player leave the ground to reach a height of 85.8 cm?

    The mass is given for the next part of the question which switches to dynamics, or at least that is my assumption. I can not seem to solve for the initial velocity as he leaves the ground because his height is not given nor the time it takes to reach the top or anything else for that matter. I can do the 2nd part on my own if only i could get this first part.

    I think im missing something obvious, any help is greatly appreciated.
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    THank you for moving
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