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Kinematics Formula

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    Ok guys I have a genius for a teacher and I want to get this assignment right. This is what he left me Also d = 1/2(g)(t^2)
    Using the web resources, find out how to derive that last formula. Write down
    the derivation line by line and provide your own comments next to each line.
    If you can clarify to yourself why that formula is valid, you will have made a
    significant step in understanding some basic physics.

    I'll be looking for that derivation in you next email...

    But I have no idea where to derive it from any basic formulas or Ideas will truly be helpful. Thanks guys
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    are you familiar with derivatives and integrals?
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    No man thats whats wrong i barely took precalculus!
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    OK. Look here to see if this helps:

    Look at eq.#3. If you imply that the object is DROPPED and not thrown down, that means that Vo = 0. It has no initial velocity. So equation #3 reduces to what you have. If you want to go into the derivation of the previous equations of motion, you will probably be better served by some basic calculus.
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