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Kinematics Help

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    I do not see how to calculate the velocity in the y-direction......any help is appreciated......all information is given

    Problem is found here...

    Thanks for the help

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    I do not see any axis lables. What is y? what is x?
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    You probably meant the velocity in the x-direction.

    You calculated the time it takes a water drop exiting the soaker to drop throught a height of 1 meter. This is also the time it takes the same water drop to travel a horizontal distance of 10 meters (during the same time). So its horizontal speed is

    [tex]v_x = \frac{horizontal\ distance\ travelled}{time\ to\ travel\ this\ distance}[/tex]
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    y is the direction of gravity.

    Just use the distance and the fact that the velocity in the x-direction remains constant to calculate the velocity given you know the time.
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