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Kinematics homework help

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A grinding wheel (radius 7.6cm) is rotating at 1750 rpm.
(a) What i the speed of a point on the outer edge of the wheel?
(b)What is the centripetal acceleration of the point?

I do this question in this way:

(a) f= 1750rpm = 29.167rps => T= 1/f = 0.03428

v= (2"pie"r) / T
= 13.93
(sorry...I dont know how to key in "pie", can anyone teach me?)

(b) a = (v^2) / r
= 2553.2

Am I right?
frozen7 said:
sorry...I dont know how to key in "pie", can anyone teach me
without using TEX, u can also create the symbol π by typing "&" then "pi" then ";" (semicolon) like this: π
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