Kinematics Moving Car

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Homework Statement

A police car at rest, is passed by a speeder traveling at constant speed of 180 km/hr, take off in hot pursuit accelerating at 3.7 m/s². How far has the police car traveled to catch the speeder?

Homework Equations

I think we would use x = xo + vot + 1/2at^2[/B]

(Or maybe V^2 = vo^2 + 2a(x-xo)?I am getting confused with which equations are relevant).

The Attempt at a Solution

I know xo is 0 because it is the start position at rest, vot is also 0 because its not moving. I am confused as to what I do with the 180 km/hr (I converted to 50 m/s)
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Definitely want to convert to m/s so that all the units are the same. I would also write out what you know about each car. Treat them as separate questions.

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