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Homework Help: Kinematics of rock on planet

  1. Jun 7, 2009 #1
    An astronaut on the planet Zircon tosses a rock horizontally with a speed of 6.55 m/s . The rock falls through a vertical distance of 1.20 m and lands a horizontal distance of 8.60 m from the astronaut. What is the acceleration of gravity on zicron?

    I have no idea how to even start.
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    Re: Acceleration

    i think x may be 8.60
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    Re: Acceleration

    okay so what im thinking is that the Vinitial is 6.55 m/s and x=8.60 and form there I can find time
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    Re: Acceleration

    so I know I have to find time and then from there I can find acceleration but I don't know how to find time from what is given..?
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    Re: Acceleration

    On Earth it's

    y = 1/2*g*t2

    The time can be determined from

    d/v = t

    So on Zircon ...

    1.2m = 1/2*Z*(d/v)2

    or Z = 2*1.2*(v/d)2
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