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Homework Help: Kinematics question

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    I'd be very much obliged if someone could help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.

    A golfer strikes a golf ball on a flat golf course. The golf ball was "launched" by the golf club at 20 degrees relative to the surface of the flat golf course. The golf ball landed 310 ft away. What was the initial velocity at which the golf ball was launched?
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    HINT: How much time did the ball spend in the air and how far along the course could it travel in that time.
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    I forgot the other part of the question. It also asked for you to determine the time of flight. The problem did not give any specific time or anything...Is it possible that this question wants you to solve in terms of variables?
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    You can find the time from the information you provided. In 2D kinematic problems, it is usually easiest to break the problem up into separate 1D problems. Once the time is found, other variables can be found relatively easily, and in the end if you want to find the resulting vector you can just add the 2 component vectors you found.
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