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Kinematics question

  1. Jul 27, 2005 #1
    Disc (R=5m) is rotating in horizontal plane (period T=10 s). Archer and target are located on the same diameter directly opposite each other (Distance between them equals 10m). Archer shoots. Bullets speed v=300m/s. I have to define angle alpha (approx) at which archer have to aim at target. We can assume that [tex]\omega R << v[/tex].
    I want to solve this in 1) inertial and 2) rotating frame.
    I did:
    [tex]d=\omega R t[/tex] (d is length of arc)
    [tex]\alpha =d/2R=\omega R/v=2\pi R/Tv[/tex]
    But the answer is [tex]4\pi R/Tv[/tex]
    What is wrong?
    And i don't know how to make it in rotating frame.
    I know that i have to take into account Koriolis and centripetal acceleration.
    Help me please make a step further. Thank you
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