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Kinematics: two dimensional motion, and vectors

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    Alright. My physics teacher sucks. So if the class isn't already difficult enough, I have someone that can't teach it to me to make it harder. I just failed a quiz today, [?] I just know I did. Now, I need help. [?] Can someone give me a link, or explain to me how vectors in two dimensional motion work. I understand Trig functions, I passed Geometry [zz)] , but I need to know how and when to apply the functions to a vector problem that uses the coordinate method to solve. Thanks a bunch.
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    vectors in two dimensional motion sites

    hi stickchick596:

    If you want to find some sites involving two dimensional motion, just key in "vectors in two dimensional motion" and that should come up with some sites that deal with the subject. One site in particular that I thought might help is


    I hope this will help clarify things for you.
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    WOW! thanks soooo much! If my teacher just explained this in the first place ( ) rather than assuming that we can just know physics, life would be so much easier! Thanks again!:smile:
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