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Kinetic Energy in orbit.

  1. Nov 1, 2004 #1
    To calculate binding energy, all you have to do is find half of the gravitational energy (I just started grade 12 so don't prove me wrong with these crazy equations and theories - i just want to be clear on the BASICS).

    Secondly, to find the additional kinetic energy required for an object to leave earth's orbit and I am just given r, M, m, and G. What would i do?

    Using "Ek" as kinetic energy and "Eg" as gravitational potential energy, i think i would have to find escape velocity and then solve for Ek using the
    Ek = .5mv^2 equation. Since the current Ek at r is -0.5Eg, would i just subtract the two values to find the additional initial Ek required to allow the mass to escape orbit? If not, what am i doing wrong?
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