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Kinetic Energy stuff

  1. Oct 5, 2007 #1
    A 50.5-g golf ball is driven from the tee with an initial speed of 40.4 m/s and rises to a height of 26.5 m. (a) Neglect air resistance and determine the kinetic energy of the ball at its highest point. (b) What is its speed when it is 6.02 m below its highest point?

    A: 28.0838075 J
    b: ????

    what do i do for part b?
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    First find the kinetic energy at that height... do it the same way you did for part a...

    when you have the kinetic energy, you can get speed.
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    0 = mgh + mv^2/2 right? This way find v.
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    For Part B he is right... Do the same thing except with a height of 20.48 instead. Just subtracting less Potential Energy since the ball is now gaining more Kinetic.
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