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Homework Help: Kinetic energy

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    we have 2 stickcs have same mass and length. the left stick's left point is hinged to wall and the right point of the stick is hinged the other stick. then we realese the system . when the sticks make the ß angle with the ground find the kinetic energy of system... solution must include m l and ß parameters...:rolleyes:http://imajr.com/fizik1_402477
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    According to the rules, you have to show, how much you know about the problem. Show some initial steps.
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    D'oh! And I am doing your homework why??

    There are a couple of issues.

    Why a wall?
    What is the gravity constant in this scenario?
    What is the friction of the hinge?
    What is the initial angle B at which the mechanism is released?

    Just a few initial questions.
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