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Kinetic gas equation

  1. Aug 5, 2009 #1
    can any 1 explain me kinetic gas equation!
    thanks in advance.:shy:
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    Hello rohannet,I am assuming you mean the ideal gas equation derived by using kinetic theory.Tell us what you already know and report back.
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    thank u for your interest in my question
    i want to tell u that i have fully understood ideal gas equation
    this kinetic gas equation is another thing but it also belongs to kinetic theory.
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    Hello Rohannet,The ideal gas equation is found by two methods.One method is experimental and gives the equation you are familiar with and the second method is theoretical.With the second method certain simplifying assumptions are made and Newtons laws applied to gas atoms moving in a box.The derivation is quite lengthy but you could easily find it with a search.Neither equation is exactly correct but nevertheless they are still useful.
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