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Kinetic Gas Theory

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    To Anyone,

    Note: This is not homework. These are questions that I have come up with during independent study at my job.

    Question 1:

    The mean speed for escaping molecules from a hole is 1.88*(k*T)/m)^1/2 (Eq.1)

    The mean speed for molecules in the Maxwell-Boltz Distribution is 1.596*((k*T)/m)^1/2 (Eq.2

    If you were to calculate molecular flux for an ideal gas, which expression would you use?
    In my textbook, it uses Eq.2 This does not make sense to me. I would use Eq.1

    Question 2:

    How does I*dv = 1/4*v*n*dv (Eq.3), using I=1/4*n*vmean (Eq.4)?

    Eq.3 represents molecular flux, I (that strike a surface, per unit area and per unit time) with molecular speeds in the range v+dv

    Eq.4 represents molecular flux, I

    I understand the derivation for Eq.4
    I do not understand how can you use Eq.4, which has vmean, to get to Eq.3, which has v?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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