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Kinetic theory of gases

  1. Apr 21, 2006 #1
    Please give a hint to solve the following problem.
    # In order to double the separation between the molecules (keeping the temperature fixed), how many times the initial pressure should the final pressure be made?
    How do you relate intermolecular distance and pressure?
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    I am guessing you need to relate intermolecular distance to volume first, then to pressure.
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    Physics Monkey

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    Sensou has the right idea. The average interparticle spacing will clearly be related to the density of the gas. You need to figure out the relationship between the two.
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    When I searched the net, I came across the Lennard Jones plot of Energy verses intermolecular distance. In that it has been deduced that,
    Molar volume = (Nr^3)/C
    where N is Avogadro Number, r is intermolecular distance and C is a number which is dependent on the lattice coordination number. Will it be appropriate to use this expression? The symbol ^ represents power.
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