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Kinnersley Metric

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    In the Wiki article about the Vaidya metric :


    there is mention of a "further generalisation" called the Kinnersley metric, without giving any details or even a reference. Is this a generalisation of the Vaidya metric to include angular momentum ( i.e. a radiating Kerr or Kerr-Newman solution ), or is it something different ? Does anyone have a link to the specific form of the Kinnersley metric ?

    I am really just curious, and somewhat disappointed about the poor quality of this particular Wiki page, and its lack of referenced sources.
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    The metric is known as Kinnersley's relativistic rocket. You can easily google it.
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    The Kinnersley photon rocket. Got it, and will do my own research into it. Thank you :)
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    George Jones

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    See the interesting discussion in section 19.5.2 "Kinnersley's rocket" from the excellent book "Exact Space-Times in Einstein's General Relativity" by Jerry B. Griffits and Jiri Podolsky.

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    Thank you George Jones for the reference - unfortunately I do not own a copy of this text, but I will see what I can do to track down this book at a reasonable cost. Seems like a worthwhile investment !
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