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Homework Help: Kirchhoff’s Rules

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    Find currents , , and given the following values of resistances in the circuit: = 2.00 , = 3.00 , = 1.00 , = 4.00 , and = 10.0 .

    Enter your answers in amperes, separated by commas.
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    You can't answer this question without knowing what the circuit looks like...
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    sorry i have attached it to this post

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    Claude Bile

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    Welcome to PF aly1188;

    This belong in the homework help forum. Also, it is PF policy to show your working and specifically where you are stuck. We will try to nudge you in the right direction, but you will have to do the leg-work yourself.

    A word of warning, if your lecturer/tutor catches you submitting stuff off the internet you can face some pretty severe penalties. And don't be fooled, it is VERY easy to get caught (even the old fuddy-duddies are pretty awake to online plagiarism these days). I myself issued 45 separate warnings to my students last year.

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