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Homework Help: Kirchhoff's Voltage Rule loops

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    I set this circuit up in my physics lab and measure all the required voltages, currents and resistors. I have been ask to prove that Kirchhoff's Voltage Rule is valid by applying it to all 7 loops. I am only able to find 3 loops and I am unsure as to where the other 4 are. I found 4 other possibilities however, they do not include the power supply and don't work according to Kirchhoff's Rule. Hopefully you can give me some hints as to where the other 4 loops are hiding

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    Hi summersun! :smile:

    There are 3 "basic" loops.

    Then there are another 3 loops each containing two "basic loops".

    And there is 1 loop (the whole thing, obviously! :rolleyes:) containing all three "basic loops".

    Total 7.

    You can get 7 Kirchhoff's Rules equations, one for each loop, but only three of the equations will be independent (ie, you can work out any of the other 4 from any 3).

    (The number of independent equations for any circuit is the same as the number of "basic loops".)

    Try all the loops :smile:, and let us know if one isn't working. :wink:
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