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Kirchoff's Law problem

  1. May 11, 2014 #1

    How do you do part e? Also can someone explain why the current I3 isn't 0 if the switch has been closed for a long time? Doesn't it behave like a short circuit if the switch is closed because the capacitor becomes fully charged and the current becomes zero ish?
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    This is simple circuit analysis. You have to show an attempt yourself.

    If the switch has been closed for a long time that current is zero.

    No, it becomes an OPEN circuit and the current is zeor-ish.

    Yes, and you should have shown some attempt at your own work in the homework template.
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    Oh this was from a test, I could have shown it but I got 5.5/10 on it so it wasn't very useful.
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    What's the difference? I thought they were the same thing? They both mean the switch is open no?
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    Do you understand that a short circuit and an open circuit are not the same thing? Sloppy terminology results from and/or causes sloppy thinking, so saying that a short circuit and an open circuit are the same thing is not a good idea.
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    Ya no kidding...
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    Do you guys think these answers are correct? I posted the problem to chegg but I have like 3 different answers. I think this one might might be legit, but I don't know if it's really discharging or not. I think it's charging up because it's an open circuit and current is trying to pass through it but it's fully charged. I don't understand what he did for part D so I think that's wrong, but everything else is legit.


    (or on imgur)
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