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Kirchoff's Rules

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    Can I use Kirchoff's voltage rule to find the voltage across a charged capacitor? I don't really have a concrete.
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    Why would you think not? One plate is positive, the other equally negative, meaning the sum is zero.
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    Do you have a specific circuit in mind?
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    It may not be intuitive but if you apply KVL and KCL strictly, you get the right answer. Once you have found that it actually works, you may not find it so counter intuitive. Find some worked examples and go through them. There are zillions of hits at all sorts of levels if you search for Kirchoff RLC calculations.
    Repetition gives familiarity gives acceptance eventually.
    YE Gods! That reads like a religious doctrine. The difference is that there is evidence to prove this stuff.
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    jim hardy

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    Indeed they do.
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