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Kirchoff's theorem

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    Is there a proof of Kirchoff's theorem available somewhere online? In literature I can find only proofs of Cayley's formula, and the matrix tree theorem is usually only mentioned, if that.

    I want to see a proof because I'm having a hard time intuitively understanding why this works, it seems almost like magic. :biggrin:
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    I must admit that my first reaction was "Kirchoff? Doesn't that have to do with electrical circuits?" Obviously, graph theory is not my field! But I googled on "Kirchoff's Theorem" and in Wikipedia found a link to
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    I somehow managed to not notice that link even though I've read the wiki page. Thanks a lot!
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    erm :redface: … it's Kirchhoff

    write it out 100 times! (both of you! :biggrin:)
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