Kissing Electric Shocks, No Idea Whats Causing It

  1. I just dont get it, ive noticed that over the last three days when my girlfriend and I kiss we both get a nasty electric shock, and a crack sound can be heard, its driving us crazy, ive tried wearing differnt clothes, differnt shoes, having a shower and bath, touching metal objects, nothing works. Do you have any ideas how i can stop it?
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    Touch another part of her body first, preferably with an open hand.

    - Warren
  4. Do you have any idea how to stop this problem from accuring at all? Or the reason it is accuring, we have never had problems before, i do science at school but from what i no my self i have no idea what could be causeing this.
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    I'd guess it's probably just due to a recent lack of humidity in your area. Nothing to worry about.

    - Warren
  6. lol, that sucks...very funny though.
  7. Lol or maybe it's nature's way of telling you she's not the right girl. J/K. Don't rub on anything too much or it could cause static. Make sure you both touch somewhere else or something first. ANd for goodness sakes, if you are having that bad static problems, don't ever operate on your computer anytime soon lol.
  8. Final destination image there...actually something similar to this happened to me once know that i think of it (though it didn't involve any sgnificant others) and i couldn't open any doors without getting a very nasty shock. But it went away eventually, so don't worry about, something in your immediate environment most likely. Avoid dragging your feet.
  9. Sparks are really flying huh?

    Well, you obviously have a good relationship.
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    According to my old farmers almanac calendar to rid clothing of static rub them with a wire coathanger....

    Not sure what kind of relationship you have....

    might be kind'a kinky!

  11. and the jokes get bolder...
  12. okie, thanks for all ya help. :wink: maybe it is a hint tht things r getting very hot, i dnt think me n her will have any problems with our reltationship because we are very! close, ill try not dragging my feet and touch metal things before i kiss her, lol
    cya all
  13. If you both walk on bare feet, you'll probably see that the sparks go away.
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    Your beloved Vanessa is a fembot sent by Dr. Evil.
  15. i heard static reduces ur sperm count
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