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Knees of my bees

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    Does that title have any specific meaning?

    The lyrics of this song by Alanis Morissette puzzle me :confused:
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    Alanis Morissette's lyrics are widely regarded as "utter cobblers".
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    There is an old expression "the bees knees". If something is "the bees knees" it's good. Maybe she got it from that and twisted it into something that makes no sense. :confused:
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    "We share a culture same vernacular" and "You are a wordsmith" could hint that it was some sort of inside joke-ish kind of thing between them. Barring that, it just looks like a pun on the colloquial expressions "the bees' knees" and "you make me weak in the knees."
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    It is obvious that the person she is singing about has such charisma and massive butt that even the knees of Alanis' pet bees turned to jelly. Bee owners see this phenomneon all the time. I have been told that a visit by Dolly Parton to Somerset in 1974 crippled the honey market there for two consecutive years.
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