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KNO3 Purity

  1. Jul 16, 2006 #1
    I have bought a stump remover for KNO3 and it has the numbers 13-0-44, which i have heard is pretty good. I was just wondering, how pure is it? and also if i could remove those impurities. I have tried making BP with it and it didn't do much. lots of excess sulfur and charcoal was left over, so im thinking that its not so pure. Also, if a product has the same numbers as another one, are they exactly the same purity?
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    For fertilizers, there is an NPK rating, which is the set of numbers "13-0-44" in the case of potassium nitrate (which is probably about 98% pure). It refers to relative amounts of N=nitrogen, P=phosphorus and K=potassium.

    You seem to be interested in making explosives, and I assume BP is blasting powder.

    One should be very careful because of the potential explosiveness.

    Also, making explosives without a license could be illegal. Check your state and local ordinances.

    I would discourage you from trying to make explosives.
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