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Know any good Magic Tricks?

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    Know any good Magic Tricks? :smile:
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    jimmy p

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    I have a friend who can clear a room almost instantly.... Any guesses to what the magic is?? :biggrin:
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    he eats everything in sight?
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    jimmy p

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    More to do with a gas cloud.
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    he farts...eww
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    I learned how to do some card tricks. I have found that the show is more important than the trick. People assume that the trick will trick them, so you need to zing them with a surprise.

    I worked a nasty surprise into a trick. It was the standard "pick a card" and I figure out what it is. But rather than just showing, "Duh, here's your card", I put a twist on it. I flip over the cards one by one and discard them onto a table in a loose pile. I flip over the person's card and discard it like all the rest, and do a few more. Then I ask, "What do you want to bet that the next card I flip is yours?" Well, they think I blew it. I flipped their card onto the table already, so they bet. Then, I reach onto the table and flip over their card. It only works once though.

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    Pull my finger...
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    jimmy p

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    LOL that is the best one Adam
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    I know how to sit down, put my right hand on the floor with my fingers pointing towards my left, and rotate my hand more than 360 degrees clockwise :p

    And, if you pick a card, put it bakc in the deck and let me shuffle them behind my back, I can spit your card out of my mouth at you.
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    My wife seems to be able to magicly make money disappear... does that count?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    He he.

    Okay I know a few tricks. I agree with Njorl though, in fact I would say that what little "magic" that I know is about 95% show, and 5% know how.

    Using this as a good after dinner trick, strategically place a cup of black coffee between you and the victim. Do the old pick a card routine, then, while holding the chosen card face down where you obviously can't see it, pass the card over the coffee. If the angles are right, you will see the card's face reflecting from the black coffee which acts like a mirror. Once you know the card, a line of boloney is all that you need to hype the trick.

    Next, the way that I have seen this done, first you quickly show a few cards from a deck of cards, which at a glance appears to be normal. In fact, only five cards are present in the stack; say a 4, 5, 8,. Q, and A of various suites but a total of five different cards - ten of each in the deck. The victim selects a card from the deck. Before the person tells the card selected, the magician declares that he now knows the card and that he actually knew it number before he even began the trick. He asks the person the show the card. Eventually, after a bunch of boloney and hype, from his left shirt pocket the magician produces a handkerchief with the selected card’s number and suite written [actually embroidered] on the handkerchief. Of course he had another handkerchief with one other option in his right shirt pocket. Then another handkerchief with another option in his jacket’s left pocket…etc..one handkerchief for each possible outcome.

    This one takes some practice but when I was 12 or so I had it mastered. Simply take a crumpled up ball of paper and practice some tossing back and forth from one hand to the other, very, very quickly, and with your hands far apart. Now the trick: Sit someone down, and working very close to their face, say a couple of feet in front of them, begin tossing the paper wad back and forth while describing how it will disappear. With a little eye and hand directed misdirection, bring the victims attention to your left, just as the paper should be in your left hand, but instead toss the paper over their left shoulder [your right side], with you right hand, while taking advantage of their momentary misdirection. Since the paper makes no noise…if done on carpeting….the persons thinks that the paper disappeared right before their eyes. If it works, this one can get some really great reactions!

    Then of course there is the old "pull my finger" magic.
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    I know quite a few. Magic has been a on again, off again, hobby of mine for years.

    Cards tricks can be fun, but since so many revolve around finding a chosen card, you do have to mix them up a little. One method I use goes like this: After three chances, I have failed to find the right card. The three wrong cards are placed face down on the table as they are rejected as being incorrect. Two of those cards are now removed under the direction of the person who first chose the card, leaving one card face down on the table. When the person turns the card over it turns out to be his chosen card.

    Another method works like this: The person choses a card and returns it to a random spot in the deck. You then have him hold the deck face down behind his back, take one card, turn it face up and insert it back somewhere in the deck (with the deck still behind his back). The deck is then brought to the front and the spread out. The card he inserted face up (the only one in the deck) will be adjacent to his chosen card.

    This next trick was more effective back before cell phones.

    The person again chooses a card. You then go to the phone and dial a number. After you get an answer, you ask for "The Wizard" and tell the person at the other end of the line that someone wishes to speak to him. You hand the phone to the person who chose the card, and when he says hello, a voice says "your card is (whatever card the person chose)" and hangs up.

    A good one not involving cards works like this.

    You borrow a coin from someone and ask them to put some type of identifying mark on it of their choice. The coin is wrapped in hankerchief and the person holds it in his hand such that he can feel the coin through the cloth. You then produce a small box held shut by rubber bands and place it on the table. You step away from the table and grasp a corner of the hankerchief, asking if the person can still feel the coin. After he says yes, you ask him to let go while you flip the hankerchief open. The coin will have vanished.

    You then direct him to the box on the table and ask him to remove the bands and open it. Inside he finds a smaller box also bound shut. Upon opening this he finds small bag closed at the top with bands. He opens this and out falls his marked coin.
  14. May 25, 2004 #13
    it counts .... an ancient secret passed down from generation to generation .... lol
  15. May 25, 2004 #14
    Thanks guys ... im sure you've been busy showin off to gurls with ur triks ... an guys depending on who u r...
    does anyone know how that trick where a card is thrown at a shop window n it shows up on inside of it?
  16. May 26, 2004 #15
    I can make a car turn into a driveway.

    Seriously though, I can do the coin disappearing trick, I just have trouble making it come back. :smile:
  17. May 26, 2004 #16
    How do u do the egg-behin-the-ear trik? neva knew ... ;D
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