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Homework Help: Know B, find A from B= curl A

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    magnetic flux density B for an infinitely long cylindrical conductor of radius b is know:

    inside: B = (Mu*R*I)/(2*pi*b^2), R<b

    outside: B = (Mu*I)/(2*pi*R^2), R>=b

    I need to determine the vector magnetic potential A using only the relation B = curl A (del X A)
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    Tom Mattson

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    Of course, the vector potential A is not unique, owing to gauge invariance of physical fields. Thus, you can use any gauge you wish, and an easy one to use is the one in which:


    I got this from Goldstein, Classical Mechanics. I can't remember if I got the order of B and r correct, you should verify that curl[A] does indeed equal B.
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