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Know the physics world.

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    hello, im a beginner with physics and i was wondering if anyone had some links that i could read to get to know the physics world.
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    thank you very much

    any more..?
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    You will learn calculus through this. It is not the best tutorial, but feel free to ask questions.

    I think a site called particleadventure.com is very good and informative about the sub-atomic world. I was lost before I saw that site, now I'm good.

    You should also consider books, from the library or store. Some libraries have Physics/Math textbooks. Photocopy the pages and study them at home. :)

    Have FUN!

    Note: Don't be afraid to pick up books in the Junior section. I found two books that didn't belong there. (Introduction to Relativity, and The Basic Elements of Chemistry) I don't know why it is there, but I highly doubt a junior would pick that up.
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    thanks again..

    any more?
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    thanks again
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